Friday, January 27, 2012

Donkey Town - "Lepri-con" - Rough Intro Storyboards

Back again with an even cruder storyboard than last time.  This one is for what may end up being the pilot episode...


It's Good Deed Monday, which means Grelle is going door to door, doing small, good deeds for her neighbors. It's a thankless task, and Grelle is finally at her wits' end. Meanwhile, The Don takes his hot air balloon out for a picnic brunch at the end of a rainbow, and finds a bag of gold. He calls a meeting at Town Hall, where everyone argues about what to do with it. Grelle, disgusted with everyone's selfish behavior, disguises herself as a leprechaun to lay claim to the bounty and shame them all. Unfortunately, several other Towners copy her plan, leading to a roomful of unconvincing leprechaun impostors, whose misinformed accents range from Australian to Japanese.

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