Friday, September 12, 2014

Donkey Town - Of arms and a man...

Well hello there. It's been a minute, hasn't it? What have you been up to? That's fantastic, really. I'm really glad to hear it. Right. Right, sure. Absolutely. Uh huh. Well that's good, really, I'm pleased for you. No one deserves it more. No, I always felt you guys were right for each other. Yes. Y - well, no, not at first, to be honest, but. Exactly. Ugh - that's so good to hear, seriously. Congratulations.

Me? I'm fine. All kinds of things have gone down since I last posted here - had a kid, created my first web series for Nickelodeon - but let's focus on Donkey Town, shall we? I'm back with the brilliant team that rigged, animated, and storyboarded the first Donkey Town short, and we're not only working on another one, we're doing it with an eye to pitching the series. Once this short's done, we'll have fully functional rigs of The Don, Grelle, Arriss, and Jorree - all four main characters! Here's a page of Jorree arms that I drew to be used for his rig.

I'll be working mainly on scripts and a pitch bible for the next few weeks, so maybe I'll post a few doodles and bits of dialogue every now and then. Or maybe I'll just go quiet for another 25 months. Probably the latter.