Friday, October 8, 2010

"The Feather Cap"

A little two-parter here.  Unfortunately, my sketchbook got caught in the rain or something, so the first page has been damaged a bit.

Also, I'm really sorry for my handwriting.  In 2nd Grade, I had a teacher named Ms. Rhone, whose specialty was teaching handwriting.  But about a month into the school year, Ms. Rhone got sick, and we got a guy named Woody as a substitute for the rest of the year.  Woody was pretty awesome, and apparently moonlighted as a drummer on television shows.  Unfortunately, he didn't teach me cursive.  Or even how to print legibly.


  1. I like the expression on the Guy's face in the last panel of the second page.

  2. He looks a little giddy all of a sudden, doesn't he.