Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grelle - "Meditation"

My wife Sarah worked as a chaplain at a hospital this summer, and one of the things she did was lead a group meditation.  She downloaded some sea sounds on her iPhone, told everybody to close their eyes, and said, "We're going on a journey."  She led me through it that night as we lay in bed, and it was the cutest, most relaxing thing ever.  Of course, as I relaxed, and respired, and lay with my eyes closed listening to Sarah's completely unique voice, I couldn't help but picture Grelle intoning all those same blissful phrases to a room full of distractible, vacant-eyed, soullessly impish townies.  And having the whole thing turn into the most stressful, aggravating group meditation ever.  So one of the episodes in the first season will take place in Grelle's meditation class.  But here's a little comic I drew to brainstorm the scenario.

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