Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Donkey Town - "Talking Bird" - Part 1

It begins!  Attached please find the first installment of "Talking Bird," my first full-length Donkey Town episode.  Now, there are a lot of qualifications to be made here.  First of all, Donkey Town is meant to be an animated series, so think of this as somewhere between a storyboard and one of those crappy Simpsons comic books.  Secondly, "full-length" doesn't really translate as a descriptor between print and television media.  And finally, as you'll notice below, each page isn't going to necessarily wrap-up neatly with a punchline or resolution--"Talking Bird" is one continuous story, broken-up into chunks.  Like a "Dick Tracy" serial, the strips won't make sense out of sequence.  Sorry for the lengthy introduction.  Enjoy!

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