Monday, October 18, 2010

"Back to the Ocean" 1

This friend is a recent creation.  I first doodled him (sounds dirty) at my old job, where I worked as head writer, and where there were always plenty of discarded scripts lying around to fill with vacant-eyed, soliloquizing humanoids.  Except this guy didn't have any eyes--just pure vacancy.

The title of the strip I borrowed from a song I had just written.  I figured no one would ever hear the song or read the comic, so there wasn't much harm in it.  And yet here we are.  Wanna hear the song?  It's in 5/4 time.  Pre-tty cool.


  1. Ick. The best/worst part of this one is that you think that thing is his eye until the last panel. At least, I did.

  2. Ha. Maybe it's a sort of uber-hole. Wait...that makes it far, far worse, actually.

  3. "I stuff it right in this hole."

    beyond perfect.