Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Moon©

A little while ago (sometime between 2001 and 2003) I came up with this idea to copyright the moon.  He'd be a sad, vacant-eyed little character (in sharp contrast to my previous characters) who was fated to float in space, wistful and disenchanted about things in general.  Something about having the copyright symbol next to his name seemed funny and poignant.  I mean, he's the moon--our moon--one of the most popular, go-to symbols in all of human existence--I'd say a close second to the sun.  People have projected all of this meaning and emotion and profundity onto this poor satellite for as long as we've walked the earth.  Wolves and dogs have howled up at him.  NASA has shot probes into him, and sent men in big, bubbly helmets to walk all over him and plant flags.  And never once has he gotten to tell his side of the story.

Poor, poor Moon©.

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