Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Oh, I'll Move Out"

My mom, scanner-extraordinaire, sent me one of her favorite doodles I made years ago.  I was still living at home, a year after college, and I guess there were frequent and loud discussions about whether I should still be doing that.  At one point I guess I drew this on a napkin and hung it on the fridge.  Or maybe mom hung it on the fridge.  I don't know who hung it, but it hung there for, like, three years.

I moved out in 2005.

Trivia:  The boombox is labeled "jambox" because that was the term Meatwad used on my favorite show at the time, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."  The stratocaster case has stick-on metallic lettering that used to spell "KZAGE," the name of my first band, until the Z fell off.

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